'+110 Car Teleporter Add-on

'+110 Car Teleporter Add-on

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ProOptix VisionMaster Specifications

Focal Length


Format Compatibility

Full-Frame, APS-C

Angle of View

28.5° (FF), 18.9° (APS-C)

Minimum Focus Distance

2.79 ft (0.85m)

Maximum Magnification


Diaphragm Blades

9, rounded

Filter Size


Weather Sealing


Dimensions (ø x L)

3.5 x 4.1 in (89 x 104 mm)


2.3 lb (1.04 kg)

Ready For Launch Control Add-on

Get ready to elevate your 3D animation game to an exhilarating new level with Blender's phenomenal "Launch Control Addon" and the dynamic "Rigacar Addon". Imagine the boundless possibilities as you harness the power of these tools to create stunningly realistic physical animations. With the Launch Control Addon, you can manipulate and fine-tune every aspect of your animation, injecting life and authenticity into your scenes.


Simple Interface for Easy Use

With its user-friendly and intuitive interface, selecting the car of your desired brand has never been easier. All it takes is a few clicks, and you can browse through the range of available models, ensuring you find the perfect vehicle that aligns with your preferences.

Easy to Open Doors, Trunk and Hood

For animation purposes, you can effortlessly animate features such as easy-to-open doors, the trunk, and the hood. Additionally, if you're aiming for a more distinctive design, the software supports the animation of reverse-opening doors, commonly known as seagull-wing doors. These detailed animations add an element of realism and sophistication, ensuring your project captivates your audience. Tesla, Koenigsegg, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Sls, McLaren, Mercedes Vito..

Physics Support for Animation

With the rigacar addon, not only can you elevate the quality of your animations, but you can also seamlessly integrate realistic physics actions. This tool empowers creators to produce lifelike movements and dynamics, ensuring that vehicles, characters, or other animated elements behave as they would in the real world. By utilizing such advanced features, your work stands out, showcasing both your technical expertise and attention to detail.

Compare Other Add-ons

Table header 0Traffiq Add-onTransportation Add-onCar Teleporter Add-on
Vehicle Count7678+110 and Free Updates
Price/Vehicle$1,31 per Vehicle$1,28 per VehicleMax $0,70 per Vehicle

Version v1.0.15 (04.12.2024)

Version v1.0.14 (23.10.2024)

Version v1.0.13 (04.08.2024)

Version v1.0.12 (27.05.2024)

Version v1.0.11 (11.06.2023)

Version v1.0.10 (22.03.2023)

Version v1.0.9 (10.10.2022)

Version v1.0.8 (10.08.2022)

Version v1.0.7 (31.07.2022)

Version v1.0.6 (18.05.2022)

Version v1.0.5 (28.04.2022)

Version v1.0.4 (40.03.2022)

Version v1.0.3 (11.03.2022)

Version v1.0.2 (19.02.2022)

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+110 Cars

There are over 110 rigged cars available in our collection, showcasing a wide variety of designs and functionalities.

Free Update

With each new update, it continues to evolve and improve with user feedback.

money back 

We stand behind the quality of our products and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee

customer support

Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or concerns you have

Why Others Love Us

A fantastic tool to help overcome challenges when bringing my vehicle models to life

Sarah L.

New York, NY

The user-friendly interface and easy-to-learn workflow of the plugin help speed up my projects.

Mike S.

Los Angeles, CA

The Blender Car Teleporter elevates my designs and animations to look more captivating and professional.

Rachel M.

Munih, DE

The functionality and features offered by this plugin are a luxury in the 3D modeling and animation world.

John D.

Austin, TX

The Blender Car Teleporter aids in maximizing my capabilities in 3D design and animation. Highly recommended to all!

Emily G.

San Francisco, CA

With over 110 updates, the Blender Car Teleporter has evolved into a continuously improving, user-friendly tool.

David W.

Seattle, WA

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